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These days there are few magazines that publish short stories. It is still a genre we love. The short story sets the scene, introduces characters, and moves things along to a conclusion in a few thousand words. It is literature that the reader can enjoy during a single cup of coffee.

Our stories are character driven. We like inventing a character and finding out what he or she will do next. Once we enter the world of our novels (and we are writing novels), we are stuck with those characters for months if not years. Our short stories let us meet new people, deal with them, and move on. It is rather like meeting people on public transportation, hearing their stories, empathizing, and getting off the bus without ever having to see them again.

So here we are, putting our stories out there perhaps to someday be discovered by those publishers who will give us enormous advances to keep on doing what we love and would be doing anyhow.Wade thinks we are both cracked. Colleen thinks we can't help ourselves, it's what we have to do.

Above all, we want to be read. Let us know what you think.

Wade Peterson is a speculative fiction writer. He gave up his job as an electrical engineer in 2010 to pursue a full-time writing career. His short stories are knocking on the doors of magazines and writing contests, and are occasionally published. He is currently working on his first novel.

Colleen Sutherland is an international storyteller with tours throughout Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. As a journalist, she wrote magazine columns for Log Home Design Ideas and 1001 Decorating Ideas. Her children's book, Jason Goes to Show-and-Tell was published by Boyds Mills Press in 1992. She is currently working on two books, a novel and a non-fiction account of her international travels.

Bettyann Moore is hiding in the Colorado Rockies where she snaps photos of unsuspecting flora and fauna, then posts them on Facebook. The NSA is not amused. In a previous life she was the editor of a small town newspaper, then the editor and publisher of two home decorating magazines. She's also done stints as a boat builder, short-order cook, Web marketer and retail lackey. Her current position is minion to two cats named Hunter and Gonzo.

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  1. Oh yes, and please note we are not editors. We are not accepting submissions and won't have time to read them if sent. We are busy writing our own stories.